Important information

24th March 2020

Due to the Government guidelines issued on 23rd March 2020 we have taken the difficult decision to ask all staff to stay at home including those dealing with customer services. Therefore we are unable to deal with requests at an individual level.

We have automatically put all bookings due to arrive in the next 4 weeks into a status which will allow them to either be rebooked for a future date or refunded once our customer services can be reopened. Our systems are not set up to process date changes or refunds automatically as this is not our usual policy but a flexible new approach we have taken in light of the current situation. Whilst for some organisations a remote system of working is possible, the security and protection of customer’s sensitive details could not be guaranteed if we attempted to do so.

If you have a paid booking arriving in the next four weeks you will now automatically have a credit to that value which can be redeemed or refunded once we are reopen.

Bookings arriving after 21st April 2020 will fall into this category if they are within 2 weeks and our customer services are still closed.

We hope you understand that these steps are being taken to protect staff and the wider community.

The Resolution would like to take this opportunity to thank key workers for the jobs they are continuing to do.

Stay safe and we look forward to opening again soon.

22nd March 2020

An update for Customers. We have now contacted all guests due to arrive up until this coming Friday and have dealt with hundreds of other bookings. We will be actively contacting customers who have a booking within the next 7 days and would appreciate guests with bookings further away to hold off calling us at this time.

As we respond to the National Health emergency, we have asked all staff not to come into work until we put in place the various measures to comply with The Job Retention scheme and working practices that safeguard them. Doing so naturally impacts our ability to receive your calls.

This is a bit frustrating as many of you will know how much our staff go out of their way to help customers but both their health and futures are hugely important.

We will 100% be able to sort out your booking. We thank customers who are moving to different dates or taking a credit note to be rebooked at a new date. This is especially helpful and it will not be forgotten.

As it will be difficult to deal with your calls in the next couple of days we would greatly appreciate it if you would alternatively contact us via or the messaging system of your relevant booking company. This allows us to work much more efficiently.

Please be patient with us, the country is dealing with a very serious health crisis.

Stay safe and we look forward to opening again soon.